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"See, I was always
the liar,
the sinner,
the one who wanted to see how far this love really stretched.
was it deep
was it high
was it low
was it outstretched enough for me.
I am peter
I am Judas
I am am the woman with the nails
I killed him with my betray and my lust for things that were not..
I made the cross with my own
The monster in me was unleashed
only one who could
truly save me.
His name is Jesus and I am His and He is mine."

- Me. Kind of just wrote this on the spot. I had a moment. (via jesusiswhatthisworldneeds)

(via hewillneverfailus)



Note to self

This movie means more to me than words can say

(Source: jacknicholson, via everlastingjesus)


Not because society says so,
Not because men say so,
Not because the mirror
or a scale says so,
but because God says so. 

Oh, God. Please hold me and never let me go.


Anonymous asked: Hey! I just created a blog dedicated to our God's glory. Would you mind checking it out? (for--hisglory) xx

yeah sure thing ;)))

Hi everyone! I have been so inactive here in my blog for a long time. I went on through spiritual warfare. Hope I could keep in touch with all of you guys soon. Please pray for me. I need a revival. Thanks! xx

the-cross-saved-us asked: I just had to write to you to tell you that your blog is so inspiring and beautiful! I'm so glad I stumbled across here and saw this wonderful blog. May you inspire a lot of people, either it's people lost in their faith or people with faith. Bless you sister ♥

i’ve not been active here in tumblr for a long time. it’s good to see a message like this in my inbox. wow. thank you so much! God bless you dear!