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This morning, I got a chance to drink coffee again after a long time. It happened that the coffee was strong and now I’m palpitating. My chest feels like it’s tightening and I couldn’t breathe. Then I suddenly remember you. This is the exact same feeling when you said goodbye and never came back.  Boy, those are the nights when I am always awake and tried my damn hardest to breathe without you. Wow.

—You are one heck of a strong black coffee, (via writinglust)

this is sad :(

cbreeanzx asked:
Hello! I'm Carissa, 20 and I am absolutely inspired by all the tumble pictures on your site. Let's be friends IRL! I wanna meet and be able to talk to a beloved girl like you!

aww. sweetie i’m glad my blog could somehow inspire you. you are my friend now, love! xx

"God did not save me because he needs me.
He saved me because I need Him."